Brand strategy

Grow into a new energy high growth in many fields Famous supporting enterprises
Occupy a position of NO.3 in the industry
In 2016, sales breakthrough 50 million RMB
In 2019, sales breakthrough 80-100 million RMB
Meet the basic conditions of listed

Solidarity and cooperation

Attract Outstanding industry talent, advanced production and testing equipment configuration
Continue to optimize the product design, the software and hardware are in the industry leading
A low cost, high efficieency,excellent quality, excellent service, competitive advantage

Global Development

The establishment of a global sales network
The formation of the mainland, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan's five largest sales market

Pilotage future

Continue to pay attention to the industry dynamics,
Advance into the emerging market and industry, the establishment of the first mover advantage;
Adhering to the concept of green environmental protection,
To the horizontal and vertical extension on new energy products.